Current WIP – Three Cute Cats

The main piece I’m currently working on is the Three Cute Cats set by DMC. Last night I finished the third shade of brown, still plenty to do but at least you can see the shape of the cats now:

Three Cute Cats as at 27/06/09

Three Cute Cats as at 27/06/09

It’s the first piece I’ve done which is larger than a greeting card size piece (I think people call these samplers?), and I’m enjoying seeing it take shape but can’t believe how long it’s taking me (I’ve been working on it most evenings for the last few weeks!). I’m also finding it a little difficult to follow the chart, particularly on the cats themselves. The main issue is that the colours are all so similar so you can’t really tell which bit you’ve done and I frequently lose my place, particularly when it’s an isolated stitch.

I’m still very new to cross stitching and I’m also finding it a lot more tricky to follow a black and white chart than I do a coloured chart like those in magazines. I’m finding that I’m trying to convert the symbols to colours to find my place on the chart.

I don’t really know what I’m going to do with this piece once it’s finished, I chose a cat related cross stitch partly because I love cats (we have two, Cookie and Java, for anyone interested), but also because I’d like to do something to help the local Cats Protection charity and noticed that they were looking for handiwork to sell in their shop. I’ve also got the Sleepy cross stitch from the same range, so I’ll have to see if I can find frames for them both before donating them to Cats Protection.


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