Hang on Kitty – completed

Earlier this week I finished Hang on Kitty:

Hang on Kitty - completed 11/08/09

Hang on Kitty - completed 11/08/09

Close up view of face

Close up view of face

I really enjoyed doing this cross stitch, I didn’t get frustrated or fed up with it at all (I have to confess I did with Three Cute Cats!). I used different techniques such as half stitch for the background, french knots for the eyes and the dot on the I in the writing, and using different numbers of strands. I also really liked the effect of using two colour strands together for certain shades on the body.

The kit was a Dimensions one and I’ll certainly be choosing to do another of these, the only slight drawback was that the threads were not sorted beforehand so it took me a while to organise them before I could get started. The finished size of this one is unusual, so I’m not sure if I can easily get a frame for it, and I’m not sure what I want to do with it. Initially it was going to go in our kitchen as we have a sky blue wall, but for the time being I just keep looking at it proudly. 🙂

I’ve been working on some Christmas cards a little bit this week, and hope to finish another stitch for those soon, taking the total to 4. I’ve spent some of this morning looking on Sew and So though and now want to buy loads more kits! I’d really like to do Kitty Litter (a Dimensions Gold Collection), and I’ve been really wanting to do a tiger one and love this Regal Tiger kit. In the meantime I have a Tatty Ted kit to do, and I might do a birth sampler for a friend who had a baby a few months ago.


7 thoughts on “Hang on Kitty – completed

  1. Lovely sampler! But my smutty mind worries about the ‘classic pooh’ name! 😉

    If I suggest doing another cross stitch, kill me, ok? Though I would love to do an old fashioned alphabet sampler…no, no, must not, must NOT!!

  2. LOL! I’ve been guilty of smut today too, putting together shelves of all things! So many innuendos though.

    You could do an alphabet cross stitch but over a longer period of time so it won’t drive you so mad. Then you can carry on with your other crafty stuff in between too. Go on, you know you want to… 😉

  3. I haven’t the faintest idea…hence it being beyond my abilities – if I can’t even identify the material, I ain’t got much hope! 🙂

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