Birth sampler progress

I haven’t blogged for a while – I’ve been too busy stitching!

I finished the cross stitching on the birth sampler last week and worked on the backstitch over the weekend. In the past I’ve said I don’t mind the backstitch but this one has driven me mad. There’s quite a lot of back stitch and hardly any of it goes nicely to the corner of the stitch. I don’t mind it so much but I keep getting lost on my chart and it seems to take me ages to find where the next stitch should go. At first I didn’t like the backstitch as it seemed to go too far out from the stitches, but now that I’m almost finished I can see why and it really does look more like a picture than a pixelated cross stitch.

I still need to do the lettering, which I’m a bit anxious about as I haven’t ever done my own lettering, and then I just have the border to do and a frame to find for it (oh, and Winnie and Piglet’s eyes!). I’m hoping I’ll finish it later this week, so in a couple of weeks time hopefully it will be all framed and ready to give to my friend. I’m planning to see my friend at the beginning of November so hopefully it will be ready in plenty of time! šŸ™‚

Here’s the progress so far:

Progress on 6th Oct

Progress on 6th Oct


2 thoughts on “Birth sampler progress

    • Thanks Lisa. šŸ™‚

      I’ve been drawing it on graph paper but the letters are irregular (is in typical Pooh style scrawl) and I want it to look authentic but mine keep coming out too regular on paper. Might give it a go tonight, can always unpick it if it looks awful!

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