New kits from USA

When I was over in the States last month I visited a craft store (Michael’s) and picked up some cross stitching bargains. There wasn’t a massive selection and many of the kits are the same as those available in the UK but with one major difference – price!

They’re so much cheaper in the US, I was amazed. I’ve been eyeing up the Regal Tiger from Dimensions Gold Collection and it was in the store for such an amazing price I just had to get it. I also got a smaller one from the same range, Weekend in Paris, to familiarize myself with the charts etc. The Regal Tiger is a large kit and will take me a good few months but I’ve got a few other project I need to do first. I can’t wait to start doing it though, I’ve been admiring it for ages!

So now when I go to the States I’ll have to stock up on craft supplies as well as cosmetics, as they’re the things I’ve found most price difference with. There’s so much crafting stuff over there too – scrapbooking seems massive in the US.


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