Christmas cards 2009

It’s been a while since my last post, and seems like a heck of a lot longer. It’s been a tough few weeks in my personal life and I’ve been crafting periodically which has helped take my mind off things a little. I’ve been working mainly on Christmas projects and have finished most of them in the last couple of week (good job really seeing as it’s Christmas in a few days!).

I’ve been working on both Christmas cards and a couple of gifts, but rather than do one epic blog post I’ll separate them out.

For Christmas cards this year I did a few stitched ones which I’ve been working on bit by bit throughout the year – seemed a little strange to be stitching Santa back in February but I had the threads and the patterns so why not?! I managed to make another 4 cards on top of the one I made last year.

Christmas bear card

Christmas bear card - Christmas 2008

Santa card - Christmas 2009

Santa card - Christmas 2009

I enjoyed making these cards but they are very time consuming for the size. There are lots of different shades so I think that might be why they took so long. I like the sky blue aida used for the background – it really makes the snow stand out (although isn’t captured very well in the photos unfortunately).

I also decided to do some 3D decoupage cards seeing as the cross stitching ones take so long to make. I bought some Raymond Briggs’ Snowman decoupage sheets a while back from our local garden centre and have been gradually making them up and adding them to the cards. I’ve sent most of them out now but managed to get a few photos before I posted them all, here are a selection:

Snowman cards

Snowman cards

It’s the first time I’ve done decoupage and it was a bit of a learning process – initially the craft pads I was using were far too high for the multiple layers and the white foam wasn’t ideal when doing tiny bits as you could easily see it. In the end I settled on some 1mm thick clear glue pads, which were really easy to use and can also be used to attach crafts to greetings cards. Here’s a close up of one of my favourites:

Snowman 3D decoupage card

Snowman 3D decoupage card

I love the way these cards pop out at you and they’re really easy to make. I can certainly see why decoupage seems to be popular for quick greetings cards, it’s really effective and doesn’t take much time at all. 🙂


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