Tatty Teddy – Stars

I haven’t had as much time as I’d like to stitch recently, but I knew this would more than likely be the case this year as my MSc dissertation takes priority. I’ve still managed to do a bit of stitching each week though which really helps me relax. As I mentioned in my last post, the latest stitch I’ve been working on is a Tatty Teddy kit called Stars. It’s stitched on pink fabric and I’ve been using a scroll frame this time as I find the hoop frames distort the fabric and make it more difficult to frame neatly afterwards.

The stitching on this kit was relatively easy – it was all two threads, there were no combined colours, and only a couple of fractional stitches. Because of this, it didn’t take me long at all to complete the stitching on the bear.

Full stitches complete

Full stitches complete

The border at the top and bottom of the piece is straight forward too – half stitches in shades of pink. As you can imagine, due to the styling of Tatty Teddy, there was a fair bit of backstitching. I actually enjoy the backstitch – OK it can be time consuming when you thought you were close to finishing a piece, but it really helps the design come to life, particularly on a piece like this one.

Close up of detailing

Close up of detailing

This piece also has diamantes which are included in the kit, and I’ve added these which makes it sparkle – perfect for little girls! Therein lies my dilemma – I don’t actually have a recipient in mind for this piece. It’s now complete, but I haven’t got a frame for it and I’m not sure what to do with it. If anyone has any suggestions, or know of a worthy recipient, please let me know. It’s just sitting waiting for something to be done with it (apologies for the wonkiness of the image, taken at an awkward angle!).

Completed Stars kit

Completed Stars kit

I also finally got the opportunity to give Weekend in Paris to my friend. It was a bit of a nightmare to frame – despite getting the right size according to the kit packaging, the finished piece was actually slightly larger, and I also had the issue that due to using a hoop frame it was slightly wonky. I tried ironing it to straighten it out but it still wasn’t perfectly aligned. It’s a bit of a shame, particularly as it is a gift, but I think the finished piece looked OK – just not as perfect as I’d have liked once it was framed!


6 thoughts on “Tatty Teddy – Stars

  1. I’d say keep hold of it. From going to a time of knowing no children at all to now when there seems to be a birthday a week, they’ll probably come a time when you know enough girls that would love to have it and you’ll be glad to have it waiting to be used.

  2. Very cute and sparkley 🙂 The backstitching really makes him pop!

    I’d agree with Lynne keep it for a handy gift or you could try googling for cross stitch for charity. I know some US stitchers stitch squares that get made up into quilts, but they may say no to sparklies?

    I didn’t do much stitching when I did my MSc/working f/t, but it definately does help with the relaxation 🙂

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