Forever Friends birth sampler

As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, I have a few friends who are expecting babies (I guess that’s a sign of getting older, along with the numerous wedding invites!). I’m really excited about this news – partly of course because they’re going to be parents, but also because it’s given me a reason to make cross stitch gifts!

I bought a couple of kits a few weeks ago, and I’ve been working on the first, a Forever Friends kit from Sew and So, alongside the Sleepy kit. I have to admit, although I love the DMC Sepia kits, I do get a little tired of all the browns so it’s been nice to have a colourful kit to work on.

I finished the stitching a couple of weeks ago, and have been finishing the backstitch this last week or so. It’s an easy kit to work on – I think there were only a couple of fractional stitches and there were no french knots or different types of stitches. The backstitch was fairly straight forward too, so I found it an enjoyable kit to work on whilst relaxing, nothing too strenuous! I completed it a couple of days ago, and took some pictures today. The border is a zig-zag backstitch which you can see in the close up photo. It took quite a while to complete but I think gives a nice effect it’s also something you can work on without really thinking which is always good! Here’s some completed images:

Full design

Full design

Close up

Close up

Now all I need is a frame, and for a baby to be born! I need to add the baby’s name, date of birth and birth weight.

Next, I’ve got another birth sampler to do – a Tatty Teddy birth sampler, again from Sew and So. The kit has both blue and pink threads for the blanket, so I’ll have to leave that bit until after the baby is born.


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