Gorjuss cross stitch kits – out now!

Just a quick post, though I will post one soon with some of my stitching progress. For now though – I wanted to share the news that Gorjuss cross stitch kits are now available! I’ve been looking at Gorjuss stuff longingly for some time (since my incredibly talented crafty friend and ex-work colleague Lisa introduced me to the stamps – check out her blog and subscribe, she does some amazing stuff!). I’ve recently bought some Gorjuss merchandise – an organiser, letter writing kit, and some pens, but I’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of the cross stitch kits.

They are now available in 8 different designs, and my favourite cross stitch supplier, Sew and So, have them available from here. I just can’t decide which design to get first! I’ve always loved the New Heights design (typical librarian!), but I think The Foxes kit is gorgeous so I can’t make my mind up which to do first! Think I’ll be treating myself to one of them after payday once I’ve decided which to get.


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