Completed – Sleepy

Finally completed this kit – I think 2 sepia kits in a lifetime are enough to send anyone insane, I’m so fed up of stitching brown!

Having said that, I’m really pleased with how well it’s turned out, and the last bits of stitching always seem to go so much faster, does anyone else get that?

Here’s a photo of the completed stitch:


Sleepy - completed

Sleepy - completed


Now I just need to get a frame for it (hopefully the same frame I got for Three Cute Cats as the idea is that this will go opposite that one in our bedroom).

So – what’s next? Well, I have some backstitch to complete on a Tatty Teddy kit (though I can’t complete the full stitches until I know who it’s for as it’s a birth sampler so may be done in blue or pink), and I need to add the customised text to the Forever Friends birth sampler kit I made too, before framing it. I’m also thinking of getting the New Heights Gorjuss kit, although I really want to start Regal Tiger at some point too. It’s getting close to Christmas too, and I have bought a kit to make some Christmas cards so maybe I ought to make a start on those. Lots to keep me busy!


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