Cross stitching patterns on the iPad – it’s the future!

I’ve recently had the opportunity to borrow an iPad from work (unfortunately have to give it back tomorrow and will definitely miss it!).

I was interested to see how it fared as a reading device – so I’ve been testing it with the usual e-book samples and PDFs, but also with RSS feeds, and magazines. I noticed that there was a cross stitching app, so thought I’d download it and give it a go. It’s from the World of Cross Stitching magazine and it’s a separate app that you download for free and can then purchase electronic magazines. You get a trial version for free so I was able to test it out.

Each edition after the free one costs Β£2.99, and you manage them in the app. The retail price for the print version is Β£3.99 so there is a slight saving on the electronic version, although you obviously don’t get the free gift that you would get with the print magazine. Apart from that, I think the magazine content is exactly the same in print and electronic version.

However, it being electronic there are some extra things which I think makes it an excellent alternative to the print magazine. Firstly throughout the magazine it uses hyperlinks, so for example from the contents page you can jump straight to the pattern you are interested in. All the website links are also hyperlinks so you can go directly to a manufacturer’s website for example (it opens it in Safari, iPad’s internet browser). The screenshot below show some hyperlinks (click for a larger version of the image):

Hyperlinks in World of Cross Stitching iPad app

Hyperlinks in World of Cross Stitching iPad app

But the best bit is the ability to zoom into the pattern to see it more clearly – and it cant get tatty either! I took a screenshot to show you just how clear it is (click for larger image):

Zoomed cross stitch pattern on World of Cross Stitching iPad app

Zoomed cross stitch pattern on World of Cross Stitching iPad app

How brilliant is that? So clear!

It got me thinking – wouldn’t it be great if there was an app where you could buy electronic version of individual cross stitch patterns, and it could have features such as using the touchscreen to grey out stitches so that you could save your progress. If anyone finds anything like this, I would definitely be interested in testing it out.

Of course, having cross stitch patterns on an electronic device would also make it easier to travel with your patterns too – and maybe even reduce that massive pie of magazines we all have in our houses! πŸ™‚


11 thoughts on “Cross stitching patterns on the iPad – it’s the future!

  1. I found this comment as I was looking for an app that does exactly what is described at the end. Pity it still doesn’t seem to exist.

  2. My friends and I use good reader. When you buy a downloadable cross stitch pattern from web sites like heaven and earth you open it in good reader. Not only can you zoom in and out but you can also color in the stitches you have done. The only down side is I am yet to work out how to get paper patterns I already own onto it as a simple scan as PDF doesn’t let you color in as you go. It does let you zoom in and out though.

    • On ipad
      Enlarge pattern
      Take screen shot
      Open Skitch (free app from Evernote)
      Import photo of cross stitch pattern
      Now you can mark the stitches as you go. However, the markings are opaque so you can’t see the symbol once the square is marked. I have written Evernote and requested a transparent highlighter. Maybe it will come in the future.

    • Hi Tracy,
      I’m just curious if you’ve worked out how to scan your paper XX patterns to use on your Ipad? I scan all my paper patterns, then save them as .bmp (bitmap) in a folder entitled ‘scanned patterns’. When I want to work on a pattern I do the following: Open Paint . Click on the downward arrow under Paste, and it will ask you where you want to Paste From. Select your scanned pattern from the folder. It should now be displayed in Paint.
      Now you will be able to work on your pattern from your computer or Ipad. The pattern can now be enlarged to whatever size you want by using the Zoom button on the bottom of the screen. I use the thin paint brush marker or pencil at the top of the Paint screen to keep track of the rows I’ve already stitched. The thin brush or pencil lets you keep track of the symbols you’ve already done. None of the paint brushes are opaque, so if you still want to see your pattern symbols, I wouldn’t use these thick ones. There is a choice of colours as well.
      I don’t have an Ipad yet, I work off my desk top computer. It works just as well. Don’t forget to save your work once you’ve done your markings. I normally press ‘Save As’ then give your pattern another name such as ‘Work Sheet Pattern’ or something similar.
      I hope this works for you. Bring your old paper patterns to life once again. Happy Stitching

  3. I also found this post doing a search for an app like you describe towards the end. Would LOVE to know if/when one exists! πŸ™‚

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