2010 completed projects

I haven’t mentioned all the craft projects I worked on in the blog yet so thought it would be useful to list them all in one post to record what I did in 2010:

  • Weekend in Paris – given to a friend
  • Sleepy cross stitch – waiting for a frame, will go in our bedroom with Three Cute Cats
  • Tatty Teddy ‘Stars’ – not sure what to do with this one
  • Forever Friends wedding card – made for a friend
  • Forever Friends birth sampler – still need to personalise, frame and give to recipients
  • Tatty Teddy birth sampler – ready for personalising
  • Nelson Christmas card – from magazine
  • Christmas cards for family – stitch kit from magazine
  • Happy Christmas reindeer stitch – this was framed and given as a Christmas gift
  • Santa tree decoration stitch – also given as a Christmas gift

Quite a lot when it’s all written down! I have photos for some of these so will hopefully get round to sharing the pictures soon. I also finally started Regal Tiger! I began on Christmas Eve and am enjoying it so far; I’m struggling to get used to using such a big frame though so I find it hard to stitch for long. I also had some stitching gifts (including some Gorjuss kits) for Christmas so will write a post soon of what I’d like to do during 2011.

Happy crafting! 🙂



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