Sew and So website redesign

Sew and So is one of my favourite online shops to get cross stitch kits and accessories, their prices are very competitive and their customer service has always been excellent – orders arrive very quickly and I once needed to change an order which they sorted for me with no problems. Up until recently though I have at times struggled to use their website. So I was pleasantly surprised when I visited the other day and noticed it had been redesigned.

It’s a much cleaner look and has been reorganised so it’s easier to browse different collections, and the searching also seems to work much better than before. I also noticed you could login to an online account, which is a new feature. And my favourite part – you can add items to a wishlist!

Sew and So - Add to Wishlist

Sew and So - Add to Wishlist

I’ve been wanting this for ages as I often spot kits I might be interested in doing in the future but not right now, and can never find them again later. I’m sure the wishlist feature will be really useful for me (and good for Sew and So as I imagine they’ll be making more money from me!).

Whilst I was nosying around the new website I noticed you could chat online with Sew and So who happened to be online at the time, so I started a chat to give them my feedback. I spoke to the person responsible for the new website who was delighted with my positive feedback and went on to tell me about future features being developed such as ways to view recently added products and receive information from them using mailing lists. They will also be developing social media presence so I’m looking forward to seeing them on Twitter. Continuing on with their excellent customer service, he was keen to hear ideas from users – I suggested utilising RSS feeds to be able to subscribe to new additions to certain collections. I don’t know if it’s feasible of would even be useful, but he said he’d look into it. You can make your own suggestion if you have ideas for further development.

I’ve also just noticed that they sell gift vouchers – I’ll definitely be recommending these if people ask what I would like for my birthday this year!

I have to confess, there have been times recently where the site has suddenly gone very slow, but I’m sure these sorts of issues will be ironed out as it’s still a work in progress. I’ll be really interested to see how it develops, I’ll certainly continue to be a customer and would encourage others to do the same. Big thumbs up to Sew and So! 🙂


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