Regal Tiger progress

I’ve been working on Regal Tiger most evenings recently, and I’m making some decent progress on the background. It’s really tricky to do as it’s 6 threads (the current colour combination is 3 black and 3 very dark brown) which doesn’t fit so easily and takes a bit of yanking! I know the end result will look good as it’s creating quite a contrast and a strong background, but it’s a lot more difficult than stitching with just two threads.

Here’s a close up of the top left corner:

Background close up

Background close up

This is where I’m up to at the moment:

Regal Tiger - 30th September

Regal Tiger - 30th September

Lots more to do – most of the background is in 6 threads (though different colour combinations further down. As a reminder, this is what the final piece should look like:

Regal Tiger (image from Sew and So)

Regal Tiger (image from Sew and So)

I’m actually now wondering though if I might be able to finish this before the end of the year. I started on Christmas Eve last year and thought it would take 2-3 years but maybe I can do it in less than one (which I know is still a long time!). I’m not a very fast stitcher though and this being my first large project I thought it would take a very long time.

Looking forward to finishing and getting it framed – this is one piece that I’ll be keeping for myself đŸ™‚


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