New kits ordered and new skills to learn

I treated myself to a couple of new cross stitch kits from my favourite online shop, Sew and So. I had promised myself I wouldn’t buy any more until I’d done some of the ones I’ve got, but I had to make an exception for a discontinued kit and one for a gift.

The first has been in my wishlist for ages – I love The Snowman and really enjoyed making some decoupage cards a couple of years ago. Since then I’ve been lusting after a cross stitch kit and over the weekend I discovered the kit I really like is being discontinued and there was only one kit left, so I ordered this beauty:

James and The Snowman hug

James and The Snowman hug

The second kit I ordered I’m hoping to make as a gift so I won’t spoil the surprise by sharing it, but it’s a Disney one which I’m also really looking forward to.

Whilst I was browsing Sew and So I also found a great crochet kit of The Snowman. I’m hoping to learn to crochet at the weekend (lovely Sarah has offered to teach me!), so if it goes well I might try this little guy for Christmas.

The Snowman crochet

The Snowman crochet


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