Finding Nemo cross stitch

My sister has always loved Finding Nemo so I thought I’d stitch her something to celebrate her 21st birthday this year. I chose a kit with both Nemo and Marlin – a memorable scene from the film. It uses full stitches for the main image, backstitch for the outlining and half stitches for the background (plus french knots for the eyes).
I found a frame for the image but it was a slightly different size to the stitching so I did something I hardly ever do and adapted the pattern (I’m usually a follow each instruction to the letter kind of girl!). I added extra half stitches around the image to extend the stitching to fit the frame. Not much of a change I admit but it’s a big deal for me!
This was the original pattern:
This is what the end result looks like framed with the extra stitches:
I hope my sister likes it!
I think this is probably my favourite sort of size piece to work on – enough to give detail but manageable to hold whilst stitching and quick to see progress. This kit took approximately 2 weeks which is really quick for me (though that did include some days when I was off work on leave). I like having one large project on the go, but it’s nice to have smaller pieces like this too to have things to complete!


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