New love – knitting

When I tried to learn to crochet at the end of last year, I really struggled with it. I’m left handed but it seemed easier to try to learn with my right hand so that I could make sure I was doing it correctly. I found it really strange to use my right hand and though I bought a book with left handed instructions I decided to try my hand at knitting first.

My Grandma is an avid knitter – she has always had projects in the go and has knit us all jumpers and toys throughout our childhoods. I thought it would be nice to continue the family tradition by learning to knit, and that’s why last year I spent a voucher my Grandma got me for my birthday on a knitting magazine with free needles and yarn. For Christmas my Grandma bought me the Knitty Gritty book which has been recommended to me, and at the start of this year I decided to give it a go. My first piece of knitting was a lot better than I was expecting and I started to really get the knitting bug. I did drop a couple of stitches though and it was very narrow so on my second attempt I cast on 50 stitches (partly to practice casting on and casting off too):


On my flight over to ALA Midwinter last month I learnt to purl and practiced some different types of stitches (stocking stitch and moss stitch). I got a bit confused about which was the front and which was the back though so there is more stocking stitch on the reverse!


As I was starting to really enjoy it, I decided to start knitting some actual projects. I’m now working on a scarf for myself and a gift for a friend (I’ll share pictures when they’re done).

I’m on Ravelry as joeyannecrafts – feel free to add me as a friend though I haven’t been using it much yet.


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