Dropped stitch scarf

On a trip to Edinburgh I found a lovely little yarn store called k1 yarns knitting boutique and spent a happy hour or so admiring (and buying) yarn and planning projects. The owner was really helpful and when I explained I was new to knitting she offered advice on what sort of projects I might want to try next. She convinced me to give sock knitting a go (that's for another blog post!), and flicked through some recent magazines. One had a scarf in which I loved, and I really regretting not buying the magazine. But a few days later I discovered I could get an electronic copy for the iPad which actually worked out cheaper than the paper copy and much more convenient. Then it was just a small matter of learning new skills – it looked like a really complicated pattern.


I wanted to do it in a similar colour and found a yarn on special offer in Loop Knitting in London (another lovely yarn store!). The staff there helped me out and I got enough yarn to do the scarf. I still wasn't sure I'd be able to manage the pattern but decided to take it on the plane with me when I went to California in June – it was a 10.5hrs flight so I had plenty of time to try it out. It was my first time using a chart so that took a bit of figuring out, but the pattern was actually pretty straight forward once I'd got the hang of yarn overs and ssk (slip slip knit) – and starting using stitch markers to make it even easier.

First few repeats of the pattern

First few repeats of the pattern

I'd been alternating the scarf and other projects over summer but when I was on annual leave at the end of August I decided to try to get it finished. And I did! You knit the scarf to the end, and then drop the required stitches after you have finished – here's the scarf before the stitches were dropped:

Scarf before stitches were dropped

Scarf before stitches were dropped

Dropping the stitches is a bit terrifying (I was convinced I would have made a mistake somewhere along the 180cm of knitting which would create a big hole!), but thankfully it all worked out OK, and I love the final product. Here's a close up of the pattern with the stitches dropped:

Dropped stitch scarf pattern close up

Dropped stitch scarf pattern close up

The project was really enjoyable once I'd got the hang of the pattern, and really helped give me confidence in trying more challenging patterns. I won't be so scared of dropped stitches now!



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