A manatee for my mentor

This year I’ve been working towards CILIP Chartership and recently found out I had passed – yay! I had a fantastic mentor who guided me through the process as well as providing me with lots of fun encouragement along the way. As part of the process you develop a Personal and Professional Development Plan (PPDP), which my mentor refers to as a ‘piddledypip’ and through the process we referred to each other as mental (mentor) and manatee (mentee) – a bit mad but very much appreciated! I received a number of manatee related gifts throughout the process, and thought I should thank my mentor by making her a manatee friend.

Fortunately I found a manatee knitting pattern, the perfect colour yarn (Rowan Felted Tweed Aran in Dusty), and got to work. It seemed a bit of a tricky project and took me about 4 attempts to actually start it properly but once I’d cast on and done the first few rows the rest seemed to work OK. I did it using magic loop, which worked well as one needle was the top and one the base. It was an unusual pattern (well, I’ve not come across one like this before but then I’ve not done many toys) in that you work on short rows to create gaps where you’ll pick up stitches for the flippers to go afterwards, but that does mean it’s easier to stuff.

So here he is in all his glory with his new owner:

Manatee with his owner

Manatee with his owner

The project notes are available on Ravelry – From Manatee to Mental. I’m really enjoying making these toys, and will definitely be doing more for gifts in future.


2 thoughts on “A manatee for my mentor

  1. And he’s just gawjuss, and mine all mine all mine!! 😀 *squishes manatee tight in loving hug*
    Thank you, your knitting skills are fab, I cannot even begin to think how he’s done, but he’s much appreciated! 😀

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