Norman the gnome

Continuing the trend for toys and gifts, I recently made a little gnome for my sister. She spotted him in my Teeny Tiny Mochimochi book at my birthday so I’ve been planning to make him for a while. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to as it’s the first time I’ve switched colours during a piece but this is actually a lot simpler than I thought. I really enjoyed making him and it only took a few hours from start to finish. I learnt lots of new skills with this – in addition to the colour work I learnt I-cord (which is brilliant!) and I learnt how to do the legs individually and then join together which will be useful for a lot of the other mochimochi projects.

I sent him to my sister with a little note:

Norman with note

Norman with note

I’m pleased to say she’s following the instructions as Norman is now on his way to Budapest – I hope he likes it there!

My pattern notes for Norman the Gnome are on Ravelry. As I enjoyed this project so much and it didn’t take too long, I’m hoping to make some Christmas themed mini mochimochi over the next few weeks.

UPDATE: Just as I was about to publish this post, I received an update to his whereabouts – look! I hope this is the first of many fun adventures for Norman 🙂



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