Move along, nothing to see here…

This time of year is really tricky for craft bloggers. There’s so much homemade goodness happening in preparation for Christmas but a lot of it is being done as surprises so can’t be blogged about! I’ve had this situation in the past with cross stitch but this year I’m knitting quite a few different types of gifts and it’s really hard not to talk about any of them or show photos of them, especially for a social media addict like me.

I’m really enjoying them though, and have fallen in love with a yarn which in sure I’ll be buying more of in future (I love it so much I’ve even sneakily made myself something but I can’t really show that as it’s quite similar to another gift). I’ve made some regular gifts that I hope the recipients will actually wear/use, and I’ve made some novelty gifts that I hope will bring some joy (and maybe some silly giggles!) to the recipients. They’ve all been a lot of fun to make and I can’t wait to show them! I still have quite a bit still to make; fingers crossed I get it all done in time. In the meantime I may be writing blog posts ready to schedule for after Christmas, but I doubt I’ll be publishing many blog posts.


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