Cosy cable socks

The first project I started for Christmas gift knitting was a pair of cable socks. The recipient had commented on some socks I’d made earlier in the year and said she would like some, and in conversation had said she really likes cables. So I looked for a sock pattern with cables, and found one which uses aran yarn (which I thought might be quicker to make and also cosy). It took a fair bit of time to knit them – I’m quite a tight knitter so find cables a bit tricky, and I’m also a slow knitter anyway so socks take me quite a long time to knit. I’m really pleased with the end result though, and the recipient is too. She’s been wearing them over Christmas and showing them to everyone!

My project notes are available on Ravelry, and here are some photos:

Cosy Christmas socks

Cosy Christmas socks

Close up of cables

Close up of cables

I’m so glad I started these in October – I’ll definitely be giving myself plenty of time in future if I do more socks (especially seeing as these were in aran yarn so should be much quicker).


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