Mmmmmmalabrigo mittens

You may think there are a lot of Mmmmmm in in the title of the post. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of knitting with Malabrigo Worsted though you will totally understand why. I’d heard people talk about it and seen groups of people on Ravelry who are obsessed with Malabrigo but I was sceptical and didn’t trust the hype. How wrong I was!

I asked for ideas of Christmas gifts from my knitter friends and fingerless mitts in Malabrigo Worsted seemed to be a popular response. So I ordered two different shades, planned the patterns, and waited for the order to arrive. Once it did, I just couldn’t stop squishing the yarn. It’s just so lovely. Really. I’m not exaggerating. Then I started knitting with it. And did more squishing. And completely fell in love. Fortunately, you can usually complete a pair of fingerless mittens in less than half a skein, which means I did also get some cheeky ones for myself out of the yarn as well!

These are Malabrigo hand thingies in Pearl:

Squidgy hand thingies

Squidgy hand thingies

These are Cozy Thermal Mitts in Velvet Grapes:

Cozy squishy mitts

Cozy squishy mitts

And these are i carry ur heart mitts in Velvet Grapes (for me!):

I heart you mitts

I heart you mitts

The recipients seemed to really like them, in fact one would like me to knit more (her Mum also wants a pair!). And seeing as I love both the yarn and patterns so much I’ll be happy to oblige of course.

The one downside of Malabrigo Worsted is that it does pill, but I can overlook that minor thing when it’s so incredibly squishy. Seriously, you *have* to try this yarn if you haven’t yet. Did I mention it’s lovely and squishy? Look…

Malabrigo Worsted in Pearl

Malabrigo Worsted in Pearl


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