Nemo mittens

One of the other projects I worked on for Christmas was a pair of mittens in Nemo style. I’d spotted them on Ravelry but in children’s size, so adapted them to fit an adult. My sister loves Nemo (I posted before about the Nemo cross stitch I made for her) so to follow the theme I went with some Nemo mittens for her this year.

They were trickier than I thought they would be, much trickier than fingerless mittens. I didn’t really like the way the thumb was added (no gusset) so I don’t think they fit on a hand that well. I also spent ages working out the length and the striping to make sure they were long enough and the stripes looked a little like Nemo. I did lots of undoing in the project!

I used a new type of cast on – Katie’s Easy 1×1 tubular cast-on. It sounded complicated so I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do it but I followed the instructions and it worked! I’ll definitely be using this cast on again – it’s great for mittens, socks etc. where you need a stretchy cuff and 1×1 ribbing.

Also new in this project was colour work. I learned striping (jogless stripes as they were knit in the round), and had to learn how to either carry the yarn or hide the ends if the stripe is too long for yarn to be carried. I learnt this a little too late so the first mitt has some ends sticking out unfortunately where I didn’t hide them properly. I don’t think my sister minds though as they look cute! I’d also never added buttons to anything so had a go of that too for the eyes (I think these look better than the black yarn in the original pattern). All in all a LOT of new skills learnt thanks to knitter friends and Youtube!

My project notes are on Ravelry (with details of the pattern as I adapted it, though if I were to do again I would add a thumb gusset), and here are some photos:

Nemo mittens

Nemo mittens

Nemo mittens (small fin)

Nemo mittens (small fin)

Nemo mittens

Nemo mittens (must have taken this at an angle, they are exactly the same length!)


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