Boozy warmers

Knitted gifts aren’t for everyone (though there’s many more options than there are with cross stitching fortunately). I wanted to make some accessories that anyone would appreciate. I did get some yarn and patterns ready to make Christmas decorations, though I couldn’t decide on what to make and many of them seemed to involve lots of separate parts and seaming (I *hate* seaming!). I did make this mini Christmas tree, but didn’t know what to do with it.

Teeny Tiny Christmas Tree

Teeny Tiny Christmas Tree

Then I remembered seeing some great little hats and scarves to put on bottles of alcohol which a friend had made. I dug out the pattern and gave it a go. Fortunately I’d got over my fear of stripes having completed the Nemo mittens, so I made three different sets of hats and scarves for various booze for family members:

Boozy warmers

Boozy warmers

My project notes are available on Ravelry. What’s even better is that they have been repurposed by my sister and her boyfriend, who have added winter accessories to their meerkat toy. Great to see them being put to good use!

Michael Meerkat with hat and scarf

Michael Meerkat with hat and scarf


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