Knitted christmas gifts 2012

Now I’ve finished my blogging frenzy and caught up with the things I haven’t been able to blog about, I thought it would be useful to pull together a list of the all things I made for Christmas gifts this year. I had a lot more free time than money this year, so thought handmade gifts would be a good option. Some took a little while longer than I had anticipated, but I learnt something with every single project and really enjoyed making them. The recipients also seem really pleased with the gifts, so definitely worthwhile. During the process I also fell in love with Malabrigo Worsted yarn, and with making fingerless mitts. They keep me hands warm enough in most situations, and I can still use my phone (plus I can co-ordinate the colour with my nail varnish!). Anyway, here’s a list of gifts I made for Christmas in 2012:

They’ve kept me busy for the last 2-3 months so now it’s time to knit something for myself!


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