Leo the Lion

When I got my Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi book for my birthday, my sister commented that her boyfriend would like the lion (he’s Leo starsign), so I made him for Christmas. It was really quite fiddly (when I made Norman the Gnome I used 4mm needles but for Leo I used 3.25mm despite still using DK yarn).

All was going OK until I tried to thread the i-cord through for his legs. It was far too tight for them to fit through! I decided to keep him the size he was and instead I made individual small legs and attached them to the outside of the body. My pattern notes are on Ravelry and here he is in all his glory:

Leo the Lion

Leo the Lion

I really would recommend the Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi book – I’ve done a few of the patterns from there now and every one has been really clear and I’ve been happy with the end result.


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