Much-quicker-than-gloves hat

I thought I’d like to knit my Dad something for Christmas but wasn’t sure what. Then I came across a nice pair of gloves, bought the pattern and yarn, and then got stuck. I had no idea there were so many different sizes in gloves and I had no idea what size my Dad would be. I measured mine and my boyfriend’s hands and the sizes in the pattern seemed huge. I asked friends for advice, and everyone was extremely helpful. The pattern designer even spotted my cry for help and came to my rescue. I was all set to go. Then I started knitting. Oh my word. The whole glove is a rib pattern, so a bit slower than regular knitting (all that switching between knit and purl stitches!) and combined with the fact I was making them in 4 ply yarn on 3.25mm needles, it made for very slow progress. Once I realised this was going to take a LOT longer than I had anticipated, and still might not even fit, I abandoned that idea and put them to one side to make for my boyfriend at a later date (so I can measure as I go!).

So then I needed a different present for my Dad, when I remembered my friends had recommended the Turn a Square hat pattern (fortunately in worsted weight yarn so much quicker). So I chose some new yarn, and eventually got going. I only had a few days before Christmas but I was off work so could dedicate time to it. The cast on took a few attempts (the yarn was quite fluffy and split easily therefore I found myself knitting into part of the strand thinking it is a full strand), but I got there in the end and once I got started on the hat part it was all smooth sailing. The hat is a little long I think – it’s a bit too long for my boyfriend (in photo) and when Dad tried it on he had the same issue. I think if I was to repeat it I’d start decreasing a little before recommended in the pattern. I’m really happy with the colours though, and think I have enough to knit another one the same so may do that for my boyfriend.

Here’s the hat being modelled by my boyfriend:

Turn a square hat

Turn a square hat

And a close up of the stripes:

Stripes close up

Stripes close up

I can definitely see myself using this pattern again, especially with this sort of yarn so that the colour gradually changes as you knit. It’s a good project for trying a new type of cast on – the hat itself is really straight forward but the tubular cast on and rearranging of stitches is a little tricky if you’re used to just a long tail cast on. My project notes are in Ravelry.


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