Tasteful toilet roll cover

My Mum and her brother always have a bit of fun on Christmas trying to find the most ridiculous/useless gift for each other. This year, I thought I’d join in and knit Mum something silly. I looked around Ravelry for inspiration, and then it hit me… a toilet roll cover! We’ve always commented on how pointless these are, so I just knew I had to make one. I was initially tempted with a doll one (like the beauty below):

Classy toilet roll cover

Classy toilet roll cover

Then however, I spotted something which I just couldn’t understand. A toilet roll cover which looks like a black forest gateaux. Because of course it’s totally normally to have cake in your bathroom. It was perfect. So I sourced the materials, learnt a few new skills (making and attaching the cherries was a new thing for me), et voila…

Black forest gateaux toilet roll cover

Black forest gateaux toilet roll cover

Mum wasn’t sure what to make of it. Fortunately I had already told my sister what I had made for Mum, so she was ready to reassure her it wasn’t a serious present and I didn’t really think she’d want a toilet roll cover. Once she realised that I think she appreciated it!

It was fun to make something different, and useful to learn new skills too. If you’re interested in making your own, you can view my Ravelry project notes, the free pattern is available here, or if you fancy something different there is a whole book of toilet roll covers.


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