Joeyanne Crafts is a blog charting the progress of my crafting activities.

I’ve tried a few different crafts over the last few years – it’s great for me to spend time away from the computer and to have a non-work project to work towards. It also satisfies the side of me that really wishes I was creative (as you can tell by the types of craft I do, I’m sadly not that creative type!).

I really enjoy knitting (I’m still relatively new but learning more with every project!) and spend many a good hour browsing the fabulous patterns on Ravelry – I’m joeyannecrafts on there. I also cross stitch and occasionally dabble in papercrafts.

In addition to craft blogging, I blog about my professional developmentliving with coeliac disease and my nail polish habit. You’ll also find me on Twitter where I talk about any and all the above, plus work activities and occasional chat about dresses and cocktails.

Please do subscribe to the blog (either via RSS or email) using the links in the right sidebar, and feel free to leave comments on my posts or contact me directly. Welcome to Joeyanne Crafts 🙂


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