Joeyanne blogs

I write a number of different blogs including the following:

Joeyanne Libraryanne

A professional development reflective blog where I talk about my professional development activities as a librarian and researcher, as well as issues affecting the library and information services sectors. I have been blogging since June 2007.

Joeyanne Libraryanne blog

Joeyanne Libraryanne blog

Gluten Free Joeyanne

My gluten free blog started out its life on Posterous in 2010 and moved to WordPress in 2013. I review gluten free products, recommend places to eat out, and share my adventures with gluten free baking/cooking.

Gluten Free Joeyanne blog

Gluten Free Joeyanne blog

Joeyanne Nails and Beauty

I started blogging about my nail varnish habit in 2013, and extended it to include other beauty items in 2014.

Joeyanne Nails and Beauty

Joeyanne Nails and Beauty blog


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